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Restaurant Accounting and Financial Management Services, by Strictly Restaurants
Finance and Operational Services

Overview of Finance and Operational Services

Finance and Operational Services

At STRICTLY RESTAURANTS™ we understand that in the restaurant business there are many complex financial accounting issues such as tip reporting, menu pricing analysis, and sales tax audits. That's why working with STRICTLY RESTAURANTS™ is the company of choice for many restaurant owners in the US from coast to coast. Our expert team, experience, and background make us unique to any other accounting company. We have worked in all facets of the industry and based on our past experiences, we will ensure financial stability and the success and growth of your business.

Our comprehensive financial reporting empowers our clients to make smart financial decisions.

The STRICTLY RESTAURANTS™ Finance and Operational Services include:

  • Daily Flash Reporting
  • Weekly Financial Statements
  • Updates on Finance Performance and ROI
  • Monthly conference with clients to review Financial Performance
  • Monthly Financial Profit + Loss Statement
  • Management Reporting
  • Financial Analysis
  • Creating a start-up business plan
  • Review and consulting with clients on LOI agreements
  • Research site surveys to ensure best locations for your business

Example P&L Statement

Download an example Profit & Loss Statement

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